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Downloading Papers

Unclear about how to download your paper ? Remember, we sent you TWO copies of our completed work. The first e-mail copy is entitled   "Plain TEXT Version." If you cannot download the second copy entitled "FILE ATTACHED VERSION," you *must* use the "Plain Text" version which IS *exactly* the same. There is no "guarantee" that you will be able to successfully download the FILE VERSION. This depends on your own computer, email service, word processor, and general computer know-how. This is why we send you the TEXT VERSION as a back up -- it is exactly the same! Instructions for using each format are included in the "FILE ATTACHED"  and also in the "FAQ/ Troubleshooting" e-mails sent along with your paper. Please review them carefully. If you still don't find our instructions helpful, click either of the two links below for a picture-by-picture tutorial. *Remember, "Plain Text Versions" re-format to smaller print sizes and spacing reduces to single ... This means 10 pages will look like 4 when shrunken in e-mail.

Tutorial # 1 : See How To
Download "Attached File" Versions

Tutorial # 2 : See How To Import
"Plain Text" Versions Into Your Word Processor


In the past we received a number of inquiries from customers asking us how to "tip" our staff of researchers & writers. While a gratuity certainly isn't necessary, any such gestures are well-appreciated as the professionals who prepare our reports do work around the clock -- sometimes in shifts as long as 20 straight hours to ensure that all deadlines are met for our customers!

If you are pleased with the work you received and would like to express thanks to your writer, a small gratuity of just $5, $10 or more  is quite common.

To give such a tip, just enter an amount below.. Your gratuity will go directly to the writer ..letting them know their work was appreciated.... and they did a great job .. in assisting you!

Simple send us an email at papers AT researchhaven.comwith the following information:

  • Your Name                              
  • Your E-mail Address                 
  • Writer's Name (If You Know It) 
  • Enter Gratuity Amount (U.S. $) 
  • Last 4 digits of credit card no (*must be same card used to order paper)
Paper Problem ?  

Since 1996, Research Haven (Canada) has serviced tens of thousands of customers. Our best estimates are that more than 98% of them have been extremely satisfied with our service. The company recognizes, however, that 1-2% of our papers may require some research-related revision. Although we make our *No Refund* policy clear before, during, and after sale, Research Haven (Canada) does* allow customers to request minor revisions on work that fails to meet some key point set forth at the time of order. All students are obligated to leave enough time for revision when ordering a paper. Changes will take up to 2 days to make (faster if your original order was for "emergency" service).

To obtain a revision, you *must* put your request in writing at   Please include your name, topic of paper, what you asked for, and what you got. To avoid being charged anything extra service, revision requests must be sent within 3 days of receiving our initial paper.

We will carefully review every request to determine whether it complies with our policies and is both significant and reasonable. In most cases, revision requests will be confirmed, accepted, & completed in an expedient fashion. Please remember that our writers are professional adults. When sending your revision request, address them politely and courteously to ensure that your letter receives prompt attention. Rude or vulgar "complaints" will be ignored..