Java Arcade Games for your Entertainment

Save your quarters and your sanity with our Java Arcade. Play Java versions of your favourite classics arcade games like Black Jack, Break Out, Asteroids, Centiped, and more. Bookmark this page and come back whenever you need to procrastinate.

To further distract you, our chat page offers Java Messenger, ICQ, and AOL to help you keep in touch with your friends and family from the computer lab, friends house or the office.


Head to "virtual" Vegas!

Can you stave off extinction?!

Time to battle the bugs!

Can you bust all the blocks?!

Space Invaders
Great Java version of the arcade classic comes to life!

Missile Commando (coming soon)
You are under attack from the COSMOS!

Our Classic Arcade games from G5
Check out our classic games of Pong, Nibbly, and Skeet Shooting.


Web Based ICQ!, Yahoo Messenger and AOL.
Need to chat from the computer lab, use this page as your one stop source for web versions of your favourite chat programs!

Stress Buster
Can not put how you feel to works, send your parents this file.

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