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Research Haven (Canada) has been providing students with a suite of essay and term paper research and writing tools for over a decade. Created in 1996 when I was battling through my own university days, Research Haven (Canada) started out as a quick list the web sites and addresses to some of my common research sites. An online dictionary, thesaurus, primary and secondary sources, and a few ways to procrastinate, tied into a single web page that he could easily find from any computer lab on campus. Why scribble down in a corner of my lecture notes that great web site, when one or two web pages accomplished the same task and more?

Over the years Research Haven (Canada) has grown from a single page to over one hundred. Although we have partnered with a few very supportive web sites over the years to help ensure Research Haven (Canada) has a permanent home on the web, it is still very much supported by the dedication of several hundred man-hours annually to ensure that students, professors and educators can learn to rely mon Research Haven (Canada) for all of their essay writing needs. Nothing makes me happier then to browse the web and find that university professors across the globe have used my site in their class resources and essay writing tips.

Our Style Guides (MLA, APA, APSA), writing tips and how to's, and Web Based Chat featuring java versions of Yahoo! Messenger, AOL AIM and ICQ have been of great benefit to students of all levels. I still remember the days when I was excited if a few hundred people a month visited the site, today those numbers have grown to a tens of thousands. In the grand scheme of Yahoo!, EBay and Amazon our numbers are tiny, but for Research Haven (Canada), every student that visits our site is being helped to make their experience in university or college a successful one; that alone makes us a gem on the web.

Unfortunately our small success comes at a cost; site hosting,URL registration fees, software upgrades, research tools, and the hundreds of man hours time it takes to create our suite of research and academic tools comes at cost;we need your financial support to help continue to make our research site a great tool for students of all ages and academic levels.

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Research Haven (Canada) has created a sponsorship and advertising program to help acknowledge the people and organizations that continue to make our site a reality. Every sponsor will have their name, web site address, and a small blurb about their company listed on our sponsorship page for a minimum of 30 days. Public donations, not affiliated with a company url, will be posted for one calendar year.

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  • Opportunity to have a a direct link from our very popular On-line chat page, subject to our discretion
  • Sponsorship can be in any form, cash, computer hardware, gift certificates; any support, large or small helps make Research Haven (Canada) a reality.

To make a donation to Research Haven (Canada) as easy as possible we have partnered with Donate with PayPalan EBay Company to process our online donations made through any major credit card or chequing account, or simply contact us and we can send you our mailing address.

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Please take a moment to visit our Research Sponsors that have help keep Research Haven (Canada) a successful site for all these years. With your support we look forward to many many more.

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