Online Newspapers and Current Events

Conducting online research for your essay, term paper, or research paper? Here are links to online newspapers from all parts of the world. These sites have interesting editorials and essays, and many have links to other good news sources. I try to limit this list to those sites which are regularly updated, reliable, with a high percentage of "up" time.

Please contact me to report broken links, or to suggest other sources. Enjoy!

*Syndicated News
Thousands of breaking news headlines which are updated hour after hour. Fastest news aggregation site for breaking world, political, educational, entertainment and sports news.
* Southam Inc
Access to 19 online Southam Newspapers such as the The National Post, Calgary Herald, Montreal Gazette, Hamilton Spectator, Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun, etc.
* Online Newspapers (from Web Wombat)
Over 2,000 newspapers listed under individual countries, including over 150 from Canada.
* Newspapers archives on the Web
This site lists the date of the archives, and the cost to retrieve the fulltext of the article. U.S. newspapers are listed by state; non-U.S. newspapers are listed by country.
* GLOBEnet
The Globe and Mail online.
* The Toronto Star
* BBC World News
Daily world news from the BBC. Audio and other language versions available through the BBC Worldservice.
* CBC Radio
* CNN Interactive
The latest news information. Also available in Spanish and Portuguese.
* AJR NewsLink
A highly rated site from the American Journalism Review. Has over 8,000 links to newspapers, magazines, broadcasters and news services worldwide, including over 3,600 newspapers.
* Drudge Report
Daily News Headlines - one to fourteen days - from AP, Reuters, major newspapers around the world, ABC, CNN and other newswire services.
* NJO: NewsFlash
Instant news updated automatically every minute (from AP) - U.S. and International.
* University of Kentucky subject guide to current events
Covers current and international events from the U.S. and the world's newspapers.
* Yahoo! Canada News - Top Stories
Canadian News stories from CP are updated regularly throughout the day. Access is also prvided to stories in the categories of World, Business, Entertainment, and Sport. Stories are archived for 7 days.
* Yahoo! News Top Stories
World top news stories are provided by Reuters and updated every hour, every day. Stories are also listed under such categories as business, politics, science, etc., and are archived for 7 days.