Our Christmas Wish List

Last updated: Tue, October 20, 2009 8:30 PM
Household Items
Toys that every one needs
PS3 PlayStation 3 160GB
Ipod Apple Ipod Touch 32GB
Ok, "I'm a geek" Computer Stuff
  New Desktop Computer Intel i7
Ahhh, does this mean we are all grown up?
  Snow Blower
  Gas Powered Weed eater
Gifts that say I love you
  Downpayment Loan - Paid Off  
Lots $
  Student Line of Credit - Paid Off
Lots $
  Federal Studen Loan - Paid Off
Lots $
  Mortgage - Paid Off
Lots $
  Weekend Vacation  
  If you are feeling generous ..... please donate:

For those people that don't want to get me a gift, feel free to drop me a Greeting Card:

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