Academic papers on Israel & The Middle East

Introduction to an End of an Argument
A 4 page paper which discusses the documentary
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Middle Eastern Women
A 5 page research paper that examines the question as to whether or not Arab women are passive victims of male domination. The writer argues that they are not, but rather acquiesce fully to the system of patriarchy and male domination under which...
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Neolithic Agriculture in the Near East and Egypt
A 9 page overview of farming activities, crop propagation and animal husbandry in the Near East and Egypt. Emphasizes that the traditional idea of a great
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Israel, Exchange Rates and Parity
A 15 page research paper exploring longitudinal balance-of-payments and currency exchange rate trends and how these may affect purchasing power parity in consideration of marketing a product in Israel. Bibliography lists 18 sources.
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1979 International Upheaval with Supertramp in the Background
This 5 page report discusses 1979 and two of the great international upheavals that shook the political world
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Does Morality Play a Role in International Politics?
A 5 page paper discussing how important morality is. The paper notes that while the world holds little if any animosity toward the Iraqi people, its leader is quite a different matter. Khadafy is not expected to be truthful and so is largely...
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Ancient Israel: Political and Religious Leadership and Ideology
A four page overview of the major ideologies and leadership in Israel between the Monarchic Period and the Second Temple Period. Discusses the destruction of Jerusalem and the primary divisions in Judaism during the Second Temple Period. ...
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Marketing Music and Software CDs in Saudi Arabia
A 10 page marketing plan. Soft Sound is a compact disc (CD) division of a medium-sized computer manufacturer doing limited business in Saudi Arabia. The company carries both music and software CDs and wishes to establish itself as an independent...
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Kahlil Gibran Bridges the East and the West
A 10-page essay that concentrates on Lebanese poet and philosopher Kahlil Gibran's views on government, state, and politics. Included are excerpts from two of Gibran's works, 'The New Frontier' and 'The Prophet', that emphasize his views against...
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U. S. Foreign Policy in Iraq
Continued Support for U.S./U.N. Sanctions: This 8 page paper considers the current status of US/UN sanctions against Iraq that resulted from the Gulf War and then challenges current criticisms against sanctions in support for remaining in the...
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The New Leaders Of The Middle East
A 5-page essay that examines the succession in leadership from Jordan
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President Carter and the Iran Hostage Crisis
In 8 pages, the author explores the history of the Iran Hostage Crisis and President Carter's role in the crisis. The Iran Hostage Crisis will remain a thorn in former President Jimmy Carter's proverbial side. Although Carter attempted to return...
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Exporting Computers to Saudi Arabia
A 13 page business plan discussing a rather cautious method of exporting computers to the Gulf region. Acme Computer realizes that projections for the domestic PC market are dour well into the next century, but that foreign markets offer the...
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Human Factors In Ergonomics / Saudi Arabia
This 5 page paper discusses two specific issues related to work in Saudi Arabia: safety on construction sites and setting up a new ergonomic office environment. The heat of the desert means additional safety precautions must be taken for workers. A...
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Developmental Dynamics and Growth in the Kingdom of Jordan
This 10 page report discusses a number of factors associated with the changing demographics of the nation of Jordan and their impact on development issues. Jordan is a small country that has had to creatively make the most of its limited resources...
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