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Teenage Alcoholism

Abstract: A 14 page paper illustrating a hypothetical situation, in combination with actual studies, that involves a high school girl who has a serious drinking problem. She is 17 years old and attends a private Christian school where this writer is a presumed history teacher and youth counselor. Three separate studies, or articles, are examined in detail, assessing their usefulness and analyzing their method of research in an attempt to discover the best possible program to be implemented with the student. Sections of this paper include Intervention Techniques, Assessment and Criteria, Reliability and Validity, Internal Validity, Internal Validity, and others. Although each individual method of approach can prove very helpful, this paper illustrates how one individual case may well benefit more from one type of intervention program than another. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

Filename: RAalcoh.wps

Pages: 14


Subcatagory: Adolescent Psychology

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